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In a middle-east city, today. A young woman discovers to be pregnant and hurries to announce it to her husband, but she gets stuck in a crowd huddled on the edges of a square. She sees her husband trying to calm down a suicide bomber kid... The explosive charge on the kid explodes, killing her husband, the kid and other people... How will she tell this story to the baby who's growing in her womb?

I AM AMIR by Jerry D'Avino                    

Director / original idea / scriptwriter  : Jerry D'AVINO 

Producer &  co-writer : François-Xavier FRANTZ

Co-writer & translator : Sara D'AMARIO

DOP : Daniele Giuseppe BORNINO

Original music : SURSUMCORDA

Stuntmanager: Mohamed ELACHI

Estimated Budget : 2,2 millions $

A film about the most sensible deep memory that we, as humans, share.

AMIR - SHORT by JERRY D'AVINO - password on demand -

LOVE, PROBABLY (aka Tsunamour) by M. Jorrot & F.X. Frantz

from a novel by Sara D'Amario

In a provincial town of Europe, during 48 hours, as on an infernal and comic merry-go-round, 12 people cross and touch each other, risking at every moment a switch (or even an accident) in their lives and, most of all, risking to feel their "habits" blowing up on their face or - a little bit deeper - in their heart.


​COPRODUCTION : Constellation Factory (in process)



FIRST DRAFT AVAILABLE : french & italian

ESTIMATED BUDGET : 5 millions $

based on a novel by Sara D'Amario (world rights available © constellation factory / S. D'Amario

Matthieu Jorrot's works

based on a novel by de Lili Pollet

LOVE LESSONS - F.X. Frantz           

in collaboration with  M. Jorrot   


3 first episodes available (FR)

Lola lives in Marseille, she's married and sure to be happy, with her husband and their three kids. She has some funny and loyal girl friends and one best friend, Oscar, with whom she shares her passion for sailing. But when she finds a love message in her husband's suit pocket and gets to know that her best friend Oscar, renowned as a ‘stallion’, meets sexual failures, her life is turned upside down.

this project will be proposed also as a tv serie (x 10)

romantic comedy


In Sardinia (Italia) in 2017, ANNAMARIA is an engineer working for a new center of research on sustainable energies - backed up by Italian government, Sardinia Region and a huge chinese brand. Annamaria is focused on her job. She is a modern woman, independent and has no “archaic troubles” with her family memory. But EDO, close to become a father, comes with her pregnant fiancéee, GAIA, on the Island to solve a mystery about his grandfather’s identity – and, when Edo meets Annamaria, he succeeds to convince her that they have to solve this enigma together. She accepts against her Will. She is going to discover an unknown side of herself.

In Sardinia, in the town of Carbonia, built in less than one year in 1938 - about 60000 Italians migrated from all over the peninsula, speaking different dialects of their regions ara mainly working in coal mines. In 1941, ANNA loses her husband in a coal mine explosion. She has three children and it is the war in Europe.

Helped by some friends, Anna finds the courage, the strength and some solutions to go on. After only six months from the death of her husband Fausto, she gets pregnant. She has to face the judgment of the people and the mystery of the absence of ANTONIO, the father of the baby she carries in her womb.

V 5 available (IT / FR)

"The past is never dead. It's not even past.…" (W. Faulkner)

This project is built on 2 sides / 2 times / 2 womens - The facts happened in 1941 will be the background of our 2 main protagonists - Annamaria and Edo. Our aim now is to build bridges and links between Annamaria and Anna stories - between txo "modern women - with a gap of 70 years between them.

SYNOPSIS available (FR & IT)


This project could have a sequel through another novel written by Sara D'Amario = KIKKA

based on a novel by Sara D'Amario

« We're never too young to know if we are happy »

SUGAR, 14 years old, 91 kilos… tells us funny or sad secrets about his life with GAS, 14 years, 91 kilos and SODA, 14 years, 35 kilos… his two best friends. Sugar is obsessed with meeting the "only woman for him"… "la

femme de sa vie"…



COPRODUCTION : Constellation Factory; Saga Films (Belg.)

LANGUAGE : French and Italian / French available

CO WRITERS : S. D'Amario ; FX Fratz : Yves & Olivier RINGER


ESTIMATED BUDGET : 4 million $

THIS NOVEL could work for long feature or animation film or Kid / TV series adaptation…



director (to be confirmed) : Olivier Ringer  (A PAS DE LOUP / LES OISEAUX DE PASSAGE

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